Products Portfolio

We are engaged trading and service providing of following products:

Surface Tensiometer

Processor Tensiometer

BP 50- Portable Bubble Pressure Tensiometer

Automatic Tensiometer

Bubble Pressure Tensiometer

Tensiometer Easy Dyne

Drop Volume Tensiometer

Educational Tensiometer

Single Fiber Tensiometer

Spinning Drop Tensiometer

Single Fiber Tensiometer With Autoloader

Contact Angle Measurement System

Contact Angle Goniometer

Contact Angle Measuring Instrument Mobile Drop

Contact Angle Measuring Instrument

High Pressure Contact Angle Measurement System

Drop Shape Analysis System

Top View Analyzer

Emulsion Stability Analysis

Lab Turbiscan

Turbiscan Lab- Expert

Turbiscan Lab Standard

Turbiscan Ageing Station

Turbiscan Lab Thermo

Turbiscan Online

Viscometer & Rheology

Microrheology In Bulk: Rheolaser Lab

Falling Ball Viscometer

Rotary Viscometer, Rotational Viscometer

Ball Pressure Viscometer

Capillary Viscometer

Industrial Viscometer

Rheometer For Building Material

In addition, we offer:

Gas Hydrates Lab Devices

Gas Hydrate Autoclaves

Gas Hydrates With The Rocking Cell

Sapphire Glass Rocking Cell

High Pressure Products

Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactors

Parallel Chemistry

Combinational Chemistry

Pressure Reactors, Stirrer Autoclaves

Petroleum Testing Midstream

Pour Point Tester

The Dynamic Stability Loop

Flocculation Titrimeter Asphaltene Flocculation

Differential Scale Loop

Petroleum Test Equipment

Stabilty Analyzer For Heavy Fuel

H2S Analyzer

Thermal Conductivity Meter

TGA - Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer

Multi-Sample Sorption Analyzers

Gravimetric Sorption Analyzers

Thermogravimetric Analyzers

Film Dying Analysis

Horus- Film Dying Analysis

Zeta Potential Measurement System

Zeta-Meter System

Services Portfolio

  • Test facility for interfacial & surface tension
  • Test facility for contact angle measurement
  • Test facility for CMC
  • Test facility for wettability of powder/ fibre samples

Vendor Base

Our business house is blessed by the support of prominent manufacturers of European and US markets for procuring offered analytical instruments such as Ball Pressure Viscometer, Rotary Viscometer, Rotational Viscometer etc. The products sourced from associated firms are guaranteed of having excellent quality as these are made as per CE / ISO / ASTM norms. All our linked manufacturers are stringently chosen by a team of procuring agents, keeping various things in mind. Following are some of the points that are kept while selecting our vendors:

  • Ability to fulfill bulk/urgent orders, on-time
  • Quality of products
  • Financial stability
  • Market reputation

Our Warehouse

In order to properly store the procured analytical instruments, we have developed a capacious warehouse. Spreading across an extensive area, it is sub-divided into different parts to have categorized storage as this makes identification of goods easy at the time of dispatch. Our warehouse is armed with hi-tech safety and security systems, owing to which stored products are completely protected from all kinds of natural and man-made harms. Further, our store and its activities are looked after by an experienced team of storekeepers, which is appointed by us.

Our Team

For carrying business operations of our firm, we have appointed a team of industrious and extremely talented personnel. Each member of our team holds rich knowledge and experience of the analytical instruments industry, which benefits us in serving customers with the products of their needs. Our procuring agents sincerely conduct various surveys and researches to search out reliable vendors and associate our firm with them for products procurement. In addition, our teammates work with a professional attitude in complete syn with one another to attain the organizational desired goals.

Clients Satisfaction

Working with the ultimate aim of gaining & maximizing contentment level of prestigious customers, we have been able to stand among the dominating firms of the industry. Our analytical instruments are offered to clients only after ensuring their supreme quality and accuracy of results. For suiting the application needs of numerous patrons, we procure and offer products in various sizes, models and specifications. Along with these, our customer based policies, affordable rates and simple modes of payment have enabled us to gain trust of numerous patrons.

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