Gas Hydrate Lab Devices

The Gas Hydrate Lab Devices are designed to study gas hydrate formation, dissociation & induction time by observation the pressure drop at the time of hydrate formation. They are an advance and updated version of the standard instrument for gas hydrate formation. Compact & automated with integrated PC, these devices are made as per the set market norms. Moreover, our Gas Hydrate Lab Devices provide multiple features on a footprint like test gas hydrates and KHI, Photos and video recordings are possible, long time experiments, Automated test schedule and many more.

Product Image (RCS)

Sapphire Glass Rocking Cell

Price: 9000000 INR/Piece
  • Gas Pressure:200 Bar
  • Delivery Time:6-8 Week
Product Image (GHA 200 & GHA 350)

Gas Hydrate Autoclaves

Price: 9000000 INR/Piece

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