Petroleum Testing Equipments

Keeping in mind all the requirements of petroleum industries, we are providing a wide range of Petroleum Testing Equipment such as pour point apparatus, Dynamic Stability Loop and many more. By using latest testing methods, these equipments are in huge demand in the competitive markets of both Indian and foreign countries. With this equipment, companies make sure that the petroleum product being tested has purity, compatibility and desired composition. Highly utilitarian and long lasting, Petroleum Testing Equipment are offered in different variety of sizes at customer friendly rates.

Product Image (H2S Analyzer 320)

H2S Analyzer

Price: 6300000 INR/Piece

Measures dissolved & evolving H2S.

Product Image (GHA200 & GHA350)

Gas Hydrate Autoclaves

Price: 6000000 INR/Piece

Examination of gas hydrate formation

Product Image (RCS)

Sapphire Rocking cells

Price: 9000000 INR/Piece

Examination of gas hydrates

Product Image (WL)

Wax Flow Loop

Price: 4200000 INR/Piece

Analysis of wax appearance & deposition in pipelines.

Product Image (CF15)

Cold Finger wax tester

Price: 4900000 INR/Piece

Wax Tester

Product Image (DSL)

Differential Scale Loop

Price: 7000000 INR/Piece

To study scale deposition

Product Image (DySL)

Dynamic Stability Loop

Price: 8500000 INR/Piece

Determination of stability of chemicals

Product Image (LM)

Thermal Conductivity Meter

Price: 2600000 INR/Piece

Measurement of thermal conductivity of oils.

Product Image (FT-5)

Flocculation Titrimeter - Asphaltene Flocculation

Price: 2000000 INR/Piece

Determination of asphalt by titration

Product Image (PPT 25150/45150)

Pour Point Tester

Price: 3200000 INR

Determination of pour point

Product Image (Turbiscan Heavy Fuel)

Stability Analyzer for Heavy Fuels

Price: 2200000 INR/Piece
  • Machine Weight:5 Kilograms (kg)
  • Temperature:RT Celsius (oC)
  • Delivery Time:6-8 Week

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